Our Mission

The mission of Annapolis Parents Club of Southern California (APCSC) is to support families of Midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy; to learn about their lives as Midshipmen and their opportunities in the fleet or the Marine Corps; to meet and share information and advice, and to bring the Naval Academy experience home to Southern California by providing related programs and activities which promote friendship and fellowship among its members.

Prayer Before Meals

Almighty Father, whose ways are in the sea and the air, whose paths are in the great waters and endless skies, whose command is overall, and whose love never fails, let us always be aware of your presence and forever obedient to your will. Keep us true to our best selves, guarding us against dishonesty in purpose and in deed, and in helping us to live that we can stand unashamed before our fellows, our loved ones, and You.

Protect our Midshipmen for whom we are and ever shall be loving and supportive. Give us the will always to do our best and accept our share of responsibilities with a strong heart and cheerful mind. Make us considerate of others and faithful to Your leadership while always being responsive to our duties and obligations to our Great Nation. Let the uniform that our sons and daughters so proudly wear remind us daily of the proud and honorable traditions of the Naval Service of which they, and now we, as a result, are a part. If we are ever inclined to doubt, steady our faith. When tempted, make us strong to resist. If we should miss the mark, give us the courage to try again.

Guide us with the light of truth and give us the strength to serve faithfully. Your example and Your help we shall trust to answer our prayers while providing the guidance for us to live our lives.

In Your name, we pray.