Congratulations to the Class of 2025

Plebe Information

It has been said that an education at the Naval Academy can be divided into three equal parts. The first third of your USNA experience is the six weeks of Plebe Summer. The second third is your Plebe Year, and the remaining third is the rest of your stay at the Naval Academy. The purpose of Plebe Summer is to lay the foundation of the Academy’s four-year professional development curriculum. After summer training, each Plebe class shall:

  • Be indoctrinated in the traditions of the Naval Service and the Naval Academy;
  • Understand basic military skills and the meaning behind them;
  • Appreciate the high standards and obligations inherent in service as a Midshipmen and Naval Officer;
  • Be dedicated to excellence in a competitive atmosphere that fosters leadership, teamwork, character, and a passion for “winning;.”
  • Appreciate the importance of mental, moral, and physical toughness in all aspects of duty and service; and
  • Be prepared to execute the rigorous academic year routine.

Induction for the United States Naval Academy Class of 2025 is scheduled over a two-day period, June 29th to June 30th, 2021. Incoming students will be notified of their report date and time through the Permit to Report (PTR) Letter. There is no limit to family members accessing the Yard on Induction Day. However, to access the Yard, family members will be required to show and have the Appointee’s Permit to Report Letter with them. The PTR is necessary for folks walking in the Yard and those taking the shuttle bus from the stadium. Additionally, if a group or a family member wants to leave the Yard at some point and return, they will be required to have that letter to return to the Yard.

There will be a Plebe Parent Information Fair open from 0900 to 1500 on the Yard each Day, and all family members are welcome to attend. Parents will be able to meet with some local and national vendors and will have the opportunity to order box lunches or visit one of the Yard eateries. In addition, there will be two Parent Briefings from the Superintendent in Mahan Hall each Day, and only two family members per Plebe will be allowed to attend the session. USNA will send your suggested brief times based on your Plebes drop-off time to you before the report date. The Parent Briefing session times are:

  • June 29 will be 1245 and 1500
  • June 30 will be 1030 and 1500

There will also be a brief session from the Alumni Association before the Superintendent’s briefings. These sessions are open to all family members and will take place outside of Mahan Hall. If parents already mailed in their forms for the base access card (DBiDS) or plan on bringing it on I-Day, the security office will NOT be issuing DBiDS cards on this Day. Instead, DBiDs cards will be issued at a later date or sometime during Plebe Parents Weekend.

The Oath of Office will take place on June 30 at 1900. All family members can attend the Oath of Office if it is held outdoors in Tecumseh Court. However, if there is inclement weather, the Oath of Office will take place in Alumni Hall, and only two family members per Plebe will be allowed to view the Oath of Office. Following the Oath of Office, Plebes will visit with family briefly and do their private swearing-in ceremony (if applicable). All Plebes will be required to form back at approximately 2000.

Listed below are the Parents Club’s resources for the Plebes and their families from the Parent Clubs & Parent Programs Engagement Operations USNA Alumni Association and Foundation (USNAAAF). Additional information can also be found on the U.S. Naval Academy Facebook page at

Plebe Parent Weekend August 12 to August 15

Plebe Parent Weekend Schedule of Events (PDF)

Information on Midshipman/Plebe Parent/Visitor Passes The DBID form and Instructions are located at the bottom of the page.

Permit to Report Documents

USNA Plebe Summer Home

I-Day 2021 Schedule for Parents (PDF) received from USNA Parent Clubs & Parent Programs 6/25/21

Updates to I-day   6/24/21

2021 Induction Day Brochure link received from USNA Parent Clubs & Parent Programs 6/23/21

Induction Day 2021 Pre-Order Boxed Lunch Form (PDF) received from USNA Parent Clubs & Parent Programs 6/21/21

Induction Day 2021 Food Options on the Yard (PDF) received from USNA Parent Clubs & Parent Programs 6/21/21

Other resources parents have referenced include:

Surviving Plebe Year – A Mom’s Journal

Plebe Booklet