USNA Commissioning Week Information

Congratulations to the Firsties and their parents!

Update from Parent Programs Engagement Operations 5/09/22:

The USNA Master Schedule of Events for Commissioning Week is now available to download on the USNA Commissioning Week website.  Here is the link.

Here is the link to download the Commissioning Week Visitors Guide 2022 which includes everything you need to know about this year’s 2022 Commissioning Week events and top graduation gift ideas.

Update from Parent Programs Engagement Operations 4/14/22:

No ticket is required for the outdoor color parade,
exception: Fall/Spring Color Companies 600
tickets (4 per Mid)

Shuttlebus Schedule between the yard and the stadium:
Sunday 0700~2130
Monday 0700~2130
Tuesday 0700~2330
Wednesday 0700~2000
Thursday 0700~2000

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