Annapolis Parents Club of Southern California Bylaws


an unincorporated Social Club


03/23/2014 as amended 06/13/2021


The name of this organization shall be ANNAPOLIS PARENTS CLUB OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (the “Club” or APCSC).


The mission of the Club is to 1) support families of Midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy (USNA), 2) to learn about their lives as Midshipmen and their opportunities in the fleet, 3) to meet, share information, and advise, and 4) to bring the Naval Academy experience home to Southern California by providing related programs and activities which promote friendship and fellowship among its members.


Membership is open to all families and friends of USNA Appointees, Midshipmen, Naval Academy Preparatory School Students (NAPS), U.S. Naval Academy Foundation Scholar Students, and USNA graduates who live in Southern California. There will be four classes of members including:

Section 3.01 Regular Membership shall be limited to parents or guardians of Midshipmen registered with the Club and pay dues based on the Fee Schedule approved by the Board.
Section 3.02 Alumni Membership shall be for parents and guardians of USNA graduates registered with the Club and paid dues according to the fee schedule approved by the Board for Lifetime Membership.
Section 3.03 Lifetime Membership is bestowed upon all the Club’s Past Presidents; membership dues are waived.
Section 3.04 The Board’s action shall award Associate Membership for those not included in any other class of Membership who provide a significant role in supporting the Club’s mission. These members will have no rights in the administration of the Club and shall pay no dues.

Termination of Membership: The Executive Board shall have summary power, by a vote of a majority of its members, to terminate the Membership of any member for conduct which, in its opinion, disturbs the order, dignity, business or harmony, or impairs the excellent name, popularity, goodwill or prosperity of the organization, or which is likely to endanger the welfare, interest, or character of the organization, or for non-payment of dues, or for any conduct in violation of these By-Laws or the rules and regulations of the Club which may be made from time to time. Such actions by the Executive Board may be taken at any meeting of such Board. The proceedings of the Executive Board in such matters are final and conclusive.

Membership terms and fiscal year will run from April 1 – March 31 each year.


The Executive Board consists of the President; Vice President, Meetings and Events; Vice President, Membership; Treasurer; and Secretary. The Officers of the Executive Board and the Leadership Positions shall administer the Club’s mission.

A Nominating Committee shall be composed of five members selected during the Winter Meeting. The immediate past President shall serve as Chairman of the Nominating Committee. The immediate past President shall serve as Chairman of the Nominating Committee. No fewer than three of the members shall have served in a Leadership Position. The committee shall prepare a slate of candidates for office for the coming year and present them for approval by a majority vote of those present at the Spring Meeting. A Committee member must obtain the consent of each nominee before submitting his/her name in the nomination.

A member serving in a Leadership Position may be removed from their position for failure to participate or carry out their assigned duties. The President shall first ask the person to resign. If the person does not voluntarily leave, the person may be removed by a majority vote of the Executive Board.

Either an individual or a husband and wife team may fill Officers and Leadership Positions. No Officer shall serve a term of more than two consecutive years. The Board may later fill any Leadership Position lacking a nominee through an appointment. The duration of office will run from April 1 to March 31. The positions and duties include:

Section 4.01 Officers

(a) President

(i) Preside at all meetings
(ii) Be the primary point of contact for the Club
(iii) Serve as the voice of the Club
(iv) Oversee Gmail accounts and passwords for APCSC accounts/communications
(v) Oversee coordinators of:

1) Welcome Aboard Luncheon
2) All Academies Ball Liaison
3) Shoremates

(b) Vice President of Meetings and Events

(i) Assure the smooth execution of all major club meetings
(ii) Oversee communications to members for club meetings and events
(iii) Oversee coordinators of:

1) Summer Picnic
2) Fall Meeting
3) Winter Meeting
4) Spring Meeting

(c) Vice President of Membership

(i) Solicit, process, and maintain a record of all membership applications
(ii) Produce the annual membership directory
(iii) Oversee production and update of membership Handbook

(d) Secretary

(i) Maintain a record of all club meeting minutes
(ii) Oversee coordinators of:

1) Tradewinds
2) Webmaster
3) Social Media

(e) Treasurer

(i) Maintain the books and records of the Club’s finances
(ii) Assure that all disbursements are pre¬‐approved by the Board
(iii) Present bank statements and reconciliation at each meeting
(iv) Manage the Club’s checking account
(v) Collect fees and dues and deposit them into the Club’s checking account on a timely basis
(vi) Process all approved check requests and issue disbursements on a timely basis
(vii) File the Club’s exemption with the Internal Revenue Service
(viii) File the California Non-Profit Status Form
(ix) Oversee coordinators of:

1) Mini-Mid store
2) Cookie Coordinator

Section 4.02 Leadership Positions
Leadership Positions may include but are not limited to the following:

(a) Welcome Aboard Luncheon
(b) Summer Picnic
(c) Fall Meeting
(d) Army / Navy Party
(e) Air Force / Navy Party
(f) Winter Meeting
(g) Spring Meeting
(h) Mini-Mid Store
(i) Tradewinds
(j) Handbook
(k) Webmaster
(l) Cookie Coordinator
(m) Shoremates
(n) Area Coordinator
(o) All Academies Ball Liaison
(p) Firstie Parent Luncheon
(q) Historian
(r) Social Media
(s) Alumni Chapter Liaison


The Board shall meet at each Club event and throughout the year as necessary when the President provides at least three days’ notice. A quorum will be established when four of the five Officers and at least two of the Leadership Positions are present.


The Club’s three most recent Past Presidents will serve as Executive Directors. Their responsibility is to assure the sustainability of the Club by taking an advisory and oversight role. Although they have no operational responsibilities, they will make themselves available to the Board as a resource and monitor the Club’s ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements. Should issues arise that are not governed by the By-Laws and immediate remediation is needed, the Executive Directors will have the authority to act in the best interest of the Club.


Volunteer groups secured by the Leadership Positions will deliver the Club’s regular schedule of events. Each event is to be run on a cost-neutral basis, with fees charged to participating Members. The Chairperson is responsible for providing a full accounting of the event to the Treasurer. The regular schedule of events includes:

(a) Welcome Aboard Luncheon – June
(b) Summer Picnic – August
(c) Fall Meeting (Chili Cook-Off) – October
(d) Navy Beats Army Game – December
(e) All Academies Ball – December
(f) Winter Meeting (Alumni Meeting) – January
(g) Spring Meeting (Firstie Salute) – March
(h) Other Activities

(i) Fall Harvest Packing – September
(ii) Navy Football – September through November
(iii) Dark Ages Packing – January / February
(iv) Firstie Parent Luncheon – February
(v) Field Trip – April / May
(vi) Recruitment (to include but not limited to I-Day, Service Academy Days, Candidate Forums, High Schools)


The President will conduct all Club business with a reasonable application of Robert’s Rules of Order.


Changes to these By-Laws may be made at an annual meeting if proposed changes are distributed to the Membership at least 15 days before the meeting, and they are approved by at least 2/3rds of the Membership present or in attendance (at a scheduled virtual meeting).