About the Annapolis Parents Club of Southern California

APCSC Club History

The organization began in 1960 when Barry Plott, son of Roy Plott (CDR USN Ret.) and Dorothy Plott entered the Naval Academy in the Class of 1964. Mrs. Plott met four women whose sons had also entered USNA with the Class of ’64 but none of them had any knowledge of Academy life. Mrs. Plott was quite familiar with Academy life so it was agreed that they meet each month for lunch at the Allen Center in Long Beach. Each woman was required to bring a new USNA mother to their luncheon each month. As a result the group grew and grew.Subsequently, monthly meetings were arranged in order to include fathers. These meetings were held at various locations in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Since the club was still primarily a social group, there was no club officers and no formal schedule. One member would offer to organize the next meeting in their area, and thus, the meeting locations were different each time.

By 1970 the club membership voted to elect officers, dues were set at $3.00 a year to cover communication costs and meetings moved to the Allen Center. Membership has grown steadily and we now communicate and support parents from the 10 counties in Southern California that reach from mid state to San Diego county.

Today the Annapolis Parents Club of Southern California welcomes parents from the Ventura/Santa Barbara area, Santa Clarita/Antelope Valley, Central Valley, 210 Corridor, the Inland Empire/ Desert Communities, Orange County, and LA/South Bay. Membership has grown steadily and today the club has around 150 paid memberships. Dues are now $200 for four years.

With the exception of August and September we hold monthly meetings at a variety of locations throughout the membership area, some more formal, some more casual.

Currently our “Welcome Aboard” meetings in June are located at the Via Verde Country Club, San Dimas, CA .  In late July we get together for a picnic at the Lakeside Gulf Club in Burbank giving Plebe Parents the chance to get some last minute tips before they head off to Annapolis for “Plebe Parent Weekend”.
In early December we have the Army-Navy Football game Party together with the local West Point Parents Club. In addition, each December, we hold a formal “All Academies Ball” for the pleasure of our Midshipmen, their dates, and ourselves. Cadets and Midshipmen from all service academies attend this formal event along with their dates and their families.

Additionally, the Shoremates program consists of small, informal group meetings hosted by a local Area Coordinator. Meetings give members the opportunity to talk with fellow members who live nearby in the same geographic area. Smaller get-togethers make it easier to assist parents and family of Midshipmen, and to share the joys, sorrows, concerns and accomplishments of their sons and daughters during their four years at Annapolis. “Dark Ages Package Packing Parties”, for example, are a great success with parents and Midshipmen alike.


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